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  • Access to ALL physician loans & lenders (even unadvertised)
  • Local expert realtors who understand physicians & their challenges
  • Insider secrets & tips for loan approvals and negotiating closing costs away
  • Solutions to solve $20-$40k closings cost problem
  • Ability to qualify on future income & close before new job start

Helping doctors buy homes using special Physician Mortgage Loans

Our team at Exclusive Physician Loans has helped thousands of young doctors and their families find special physician mortgage loans to buy homes over the past decade. These physician home loans have helped young doctors who have tons of debt and minimal savings but great income, or great income in the very near future.

One of the great features of this special physician mortgage is that it allows for future income, as opposed to conventional and FHA loans, which require the applicant to already have a pay stub at the higher income. With the specialized physician loans that we can help you find, the zero to five percent down payment required is minuscule compared to traditional jumbo loans that require 20%-25% down.

This special doctor loan acknowledges that physicians just finishing either medical school or residency/fellowship have minimal savings, and as a result have little or no down payment in order to buy a home. Another great benefit of the physician loan is that even if 5% down is required (as is the case in declining markets), it can come in the form of a gift from family!

The surprising thing is that many young physicians realize they need a special physician mortgage, but since these special doctors home loans are unadvertised, it is incredibly hard to find them.  That’s where Exclusive Physician Loans’ experience with helping thousand of physicians with these doctor home loans will pay off for graduating med students, as well as graduating residents and fellows.

We have contacts at super safe banks that want to have young physicians as customers, and are willing to provide special physician mortgages that no other bank is willing to provide. We’re passionate about helping young physicians with the Physician Loan, and passionate about providing great home buying options to insure the best plan for you and your family.


Exclusive Physician Loans is a referral and relocation company. We are a finder, not a lender or broker of any sort. We will refer you to a niche lender who offers special mortgage loans for Physicians. In Compliance with RESPA and the California DRE rules and practices we are not paid by the lender, but receive our fee from our network of Realtors. Approval for the special physician mortgage is subject to your credit and is determined by the lender we’ll refer you to, not Exclusive Physician Loans. The rates and terms of this loan are determined by the niche lenders we refer to, not Exclusive Physician Loans. Terms may vary based on the lenders sole discretion. Our clients are in no way obligated to use the lender we refer them to.

Congrats to all 2012 Match Day Matches!

July 7, 2011 by  

To all soon to be PGY1′s. We congratulate you on your accomplishment of graduating from Medical School and wish you luck in your next phase of being a physician in your newly matched Residency. We love helping soon to by PGY1′s with our terrific network of realtors who negotiate away your closing costs and see to it that you get a great new place in time to start your new job and training. And, as always, we’re the trusted advisors to find special zero down doctor home loans. Even with all your student debt and lack of savings for down payments. We look forward to making your big move a smooth and successful one.

Killer rate for physician mortgages: 30YR Fixed, To $1M, 5.25% (5YR as low as 4.125%)

July 7, 2011 by  

Great to see our niche lender 30YR JUMBO loans are only 5.25%, paying 1 point. What incredibly great rates, super competitive with loans that require 20-30% down!!! We’re helping a ton of already attending physicians in addition to graduating residents and fellows secure jumbo loans with these great 30YR fixed rates on these physician mortgages. And many of them are able to close on their new homes before they start their new jobs. Most don’t qualify for the traditional jumbo loans as they don’t have the 20-30% down payment required, but the physician home loan is only requiring them to put down 0-5%, all they way up to $1M.

And we’re even helping physicians with loans up to $1.75M.

We’re also helping soon to be PGY1′s get as low as 4.125% on 5YR ARMS in many states as well, even in declining markets, so they’re still going ZERO DOWN with these incredible rates on the special physician mortgage! (these loan amounts only go up to $500k, where the 30YR Fixed will go up to $1M, but may require a 5% downpayment)

Match Day 2012 Relocation Frenzy

July 7, 2011 by  

We’re excited to help 2012 Med School Grads in the next few weeks as they find out where they’ve matched. It’s critical to act right away so we can put you in touch with a top notch local real estate agent who is award winning, has great local knowledge, understands your critical timing issues, is a great negotiator, and can even negotiate the seller to pay your closing costs. Using our network of agents is FREE to you as well. Since PGY1 is only 90 days away, don’t waste critical time shopping online, use one of our proven successful agents to make sure you meet your deadlines.

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